Sunday League Season 2 Draft Night Event

It began with a prayer. The head committee determined and decided that all events should start and finish with a prayer. The head committee, Carl Juevesano, explained that the Sunday League matters are separate from the Club matters for a reason that the committee wants to preserve the Sunday’s Club at all costs. The club strives to provide everyone an opportunity to play basketball; thus basketball is for everyone who wishes to play, not just for talented and gifted players. The club objective will also apply in the next upcoming Sunday League. New players from the league are also welcome in joining the club at any time.

Season 2 Inclusive

Website Appearance: Our web page receives around 300-400 views for every new content posted. Everyone on the internet can see it. Excellent chance to be scouted by the scouting team. Also, you can see player stats on the website and the player of the game banner to be posted on our Facebook Page. Prizes, medals, certificates, and trophies are also included.

League Ground Rules by Jhon Paul Balbadores


  1. All teams must comply first with their rooster. 
  2. Joining fee of P300.00 per team. 


  1. The participating team may have a maximum of 15 players.


  1. A complete uniform is not required but not wearing the proper uniform for the said tournament is a must.


  1. Both team captains and playing coaches should know the rules and regulations of the game and must see to it that they are in total control of their players.
  2. Only the team captain and playing coach are allowed to stand and make necessary verifications/complaints during the progress of the game.


  1. A team must be present at the playing court fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled match. In case a team will not show up after a grace period of 15 minutes. THE TEAM WILL LOSE THE GAME by forfeited. The team who forfeited the game will still pay 300 pesos. So both teams will still pay for the rental fee.
  2. Any team who commits 2 consecutive game defaults will be withdrawn from the tournament without prior notice.
  3. Any player or team captain who commits violence shall be penalized with a technical foul and or suspension in the game depending upon the gravity of violence/situation.
  4. Players who are under the influence of liquor or any prohibited substance are not allowed.
  5. Players shall be disqualified/ send out of the game if:
    1. He commits 2 consecutive technical fouls in the game;
    2. He commits 2 unsportsmanlike fouls in the game;
    3. He commits both of the two types of fouls mentioned;
    4. The technical committee has the power to disqualify any player that may cause detrimental values to the league;
    5. Disrespectful players must pay the cost of that night’s event.


  • Avoid Bullying
  • Automatic Ban kung naay manumbag. Ban not only the player nga nanumbag kundili ang tibouk team.
  • Dili pata ka afford ug buff so for the mean time manunay lang usa tag referee from the members.
  • Bring your own water, magkaon daan.
  • Follow the schedule. Wala natung hangyo2 nga second game mi or first game mi. Just follow the schedule.
  • Passarelle Rules: First Five/Second Five:
  1. If ever sa First Game or First Time ninyo nga 8 players ramo kabouk ng tunga muhatag pami ug exempted sa rules below sa #2. So ang mahitabo is first 5 players sa first quarter ug 3 new players sa 2nd quarter and then mabilin ang 2 ka players nga gadula sa first quarter which is 5v5 gihapon. Musabot pami sa first game. Pero pag second game or second time na gale nga 8 ra gihapon mo kabouk ng-tunga. Follow na dayun ang #2 below. (Mag note mi ani sa record)
  2. If ever sa Second Game or Second Time nga nabuhat ninyo ang unsay naa sa #1. Mao na dayun ni. Example 8 napud mo ka players ug second time na ninyu nabuhat: first five sa first quarter ug 3 players rajud ang sa second quarter. Only the 3 players. So mahitabo 3v5.

Team Bracketing and Format

The Bracketing format discussed by Carl Juevesano. The format of bracketing is the same as the last season’s, with the exception of the quarter finals being finalized by the committee and to be announce as soon as possible. The teams were divided into two sets, SET A and SET B, each of which had two brackets. The SET A two brackets included the old and current teams from the previous season, and the SET B two brackets included the new teams.

Table Manners

Respect the Table and always give space and time to the table committee. The table judge must be the superior and decisive off- and on-court. All teams should call time-outs or substitutions with the table judge’s consent, in short, mo-doul mos a table.

Registration Fee by Coach Geo, Phra-Phra, and Larry.

See the image below:


Each team should have at least 1 representative as a player committee. 1 team scheduled committee per night. Amo rapud e timing nga mag committee mo sa adlaw nga naa pud muy dula. Usually it is around 2nd game and last game.

Captain should responsible sa mga motor nga dili epatakag parking nga maka ali sa agi-anan especially sa Del Carmen nga venue.

On the Fee matter, the committee will only be based on the final listing submitted by the team.

Team Attendance during the Season 2 Draft Night/Orientation

Old Team – All Present
Team Trese/Team Kevin
Soul Squad
Team Ilang-Ilang
Brayt Pepols


New Team
Red Ants
Splak Brothers
El Guerrero
I Love Cut Salon
Sudlunon Insiders


See the Image Below:


Prizes and Awards

See the Image Below:

The draft night ended with a warm welcome to the new team joining the league and ended with a closing prayer. Sunday League Season 2 will start the second week of December. See you and God bless!

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